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Brand Communication in the Time of Micro-Moments

In the race to become the top viewed piece of content on the internet, precision takes time. Attention is a prize and quality trumps bombardment any day; therefore, understanding micro-moments as an extension of the right moment, right message, and right channel strategy, wins the crowd.

The modern marketer must become a master of understanding and maximise on these little opportunities to advance their brand agenda. In a fleeting moment, you need to strike a nerve to effectively engage their attention and move their thinking to action that’s good for your brand.

“Consumers leave signals about themselves all over the web, inviting us to help them solve their problems. It creates a big opportunity for us to deliver on their needs in micro-moments.” —Eric Reynolds, CMO of Clorox

Brand communication in the time of micro-moments means that the needle is continuously moving on marketers: more complexity, proliferating technology, higher expectations, and now less time to get the job done. However, by bringing the right thought process to how you make the most of those micro-moments, you can still get it all done.

Enhance your marketing and communications program one medium at a time; let’s help you create effective communication packages into micro-moments that encourage action.

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