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Digital Marketing Resolutions to Make in the New Year


As you get ready to implement your digital marketing and communications strategies for this New Year, there are a few areas that require attention. Some of the different resolutions you can make to reach all your goals this year include;

Changing it up a little, we’ve all heard the saying that “first impressions matter”, therefore, what better way than to start the year with a fresh look. This look can be achieved by simply changing your digital tools such as your website. This exercise doesn’t mean a complete overhaul; it can just be a small change of style to give your site a fresh look.

Increase engagement with your target audience; find exciting and authentic ways to give your clients and prospective clients a chance to experience your brand. This tactic could require the introduction of additional platforms and tools to facilitate engagement.

Authenticity is simplicity; therefore, you want to be as real as you can about who you are as an organisation. It’s easy to lose sight of the importance of a genuine and sincere approach, but not only is this tactic useful for SEO, but it is also valuable in setting you apart from the competition.

Whatever your strategic marketing and communications goals are for this year, start on a high note by including these resolutions in your marketing and communication plan. You could talk to us at Design@Bay to create customised integrated marketing and communications solutions to kick-start your success in 2019. Get your digital marketing right for a prosperous New Year!

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