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Don’t let your Size Lull you into Sleeping on the Digital Revolution

The digital revolution is here, and it does not discriminate. Whether you’re a fledgeling start-up, mid-market business or a major corporation and brand, all feel the same challenges when it comes to digital marketing, and there’s a good chance you’re already feeling the impact of the digital revolution. The fact, however, is that change is inevitable. Only the strategically ready will have a chance of survival.

Things such as a digital strategy, SEO, content strategy, analytics and measurement are key fundamentals to check off and ensure best practice processes are in place before investing in any free or paid media campaigns and initiatives. You may even already have these fundamentals in place; however it doesn’t always mean they are being done correctly or well, but they can always be done better. We recommend an audit of your current set up to ensure you meet best practice standards before committing to any significant media investment. Once you have your digital marketing fundamentals in place with clear goals and measurement, it’s then time to hit the media button and grow your business through new customer acquisition.

A critical factor in effective marketing and communications is having access to the right data about your customers, along with the ability to implement it effectively. The right data gives you insights into what prospective customers are looking for and the experience they want.

We know that all of this can sound overwhelming and we believe that the bewildering array of options out there are one of the key reasons many businesses hesitate when making real steps on their digital marketing journey. Don’t let your size lull you into sleeping on the digital revolution. The good news is you don’t have to go it alone. Design@Bay can help you harness, structure and implement your customer data and give you access to complementary tools and bring it all together to make your campaigns more effective.

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