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Goodbye to the Old, Hello to the New

After more than ten years at our old premises, Design@Bay said its final goodbye to Lenox Street. As from June 1, 2019, we have been operating from our new premises at 11 Stanley Street, which is one of the hubs of the social culture of the city of Port Elizabeth.

Goodbye to the Old…

On the last week of June, in the year of our Lord, 2019, the Design@Bay team packed up and said goodbye to our old offices. We said goodbye to a small design studio full of light, good vibes, and a view of a big beautiful tree which served to inspire with its various visitors—from a dassie that had made the tree its permanent home, to an aggressive spotted eagle owl that may or might not have eaten newly hatched dove chicks, and was swiftly chased away by the usual tree visitors, only after taking its needed nap, I suppose one would need rest after committing such a gruesome crime. What also served as a stimulant to our collective creative juices was the different colours that the tree changed into, colours signalling the ends and beginnings of all the times and seasons spent, ideating and creating in the old studio. The place served us well.

Hello to the New…

The move to 11 Stanley Street has been a significant change and has infused our team with a refreshed and a renewed sense of purpose. The space itself with its modern industrial layout, demands that of us—to be more creative, innovative, attentive, focused and intentional. The addition of a bonsai tree is very symbolic of this new beginning, as the tree itself symbolises harmony, peace, and order of thoughts, balance and all that is good, and in the case of our new space, all that is good in our collective creative purpose.

So as we have made our move out with the old and in with the new, we fully embrace the possibilities that come with change. We expect that with new days come new strengths and new thoughts, therefore, new understanding. Like the bonsai, we move forward in harmony and positivity, trusting the future brings with it mostly, good. As our new doors are open, our attitudes are right and ready for whatever may come, and our creative spirits are ablaze!

Visit us at our new premises, and let’s set the world alight with creative possibilities.

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