“In the midst of chaos there is also opportunity” – Sun-Tzu

It is safe to say that the Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted not only life as we know it, but the way many organisations do business, globally.  In a world facing uncertain times and with social distancing affecting all of us, access to information and staying in contact with both loved ones and colleagues has become that much more essential.

The creative industry has taken a lead in driving the effort of keeping us feeling connected and positive. From the many exercise videos to keep us healthy and active, the cooking videos that serve to inspire and entertain us, to the many other creative ways the world has banded together in an effort, among other things, to safeguard our sanity, as these are testing times for everyone.

This time has also seen many organisations double down on communications efforts for both their external and internal stakeholders. Making sure that all are abreast of developments and adhere to the stipulated guidelines, be it regular washing and sanitising of our hands, or the state of the pandemic in our country.

We have also assisted many of our clients, some of whom fall under the essential services category, with various tools to enhance these communications efforts. In the midst of this chaos, some might say digital and social media platforms have been the heroes of the hour. As many organisations adapt themselves to the reality of working remotely, these platforms have enabled the continuation of business operations in varying degrees.

Our goal is always to create strategic tools that enable our clients to communicate effectively, no matter the situation. Talk to us about strategies and tools that can enable your business to stay informed, connected, and engaged during this and any other time.

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