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Let the basics be your guiding light, always!

In this ever-changing communications and technological climate, continuous advancement is key. Moreover, for digital marketers, this means SEO and digital strategies need to adapt quite rapidly. It’s almost infeasible and incredibly tedious keeping up with the whims of web crawlers; therefore companies need to think ahead.

The solution— to future proof any strategy developed, be it for digital marketing or your SEO. Understand that every concept is based on fundamental principles. Start with the basics, recognise which models are constant. Take for instance SEO— the central pillars of search engine rankings include crawlability, website structure, keywords and backlinks. So basically; it is how easily your content can be found, how your content is prioritised, what your content contains and whether it is reliable information?

According to the Google Quality Search Team, “Creating compelling and useful content will likely influence your website more than any of the other factors.”

SEO is not easy and the secret formula to land yourself a decent spot on Google’s search ranking has not been discovered or developed yet—so until then, let the basics be your guiding light, always. That, along with strategies and best practices will hopefully boost your position to the first page of search results.

Shifting trends are an opportunity on which to capitalise. New rules mean a more level playing field and businesses that can adapt to these changes first immediately gain an edge on their competition.

So the question might be, is your digital strategy future proof?

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