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Meals on wheels

Port Elizabeth is fast becoming a city which hosts popular and trendy events for locals to enjoy creative design and food markets.The food truck trend, which has been around for centuries, has now made its way to Port Elizabeth, with the Baakens Food Truck Friday taking place on a selected Friday of each month.

The food truck trend originated in the United States of America in the early 1900’s and was first classified as mobile canteens. The trend became more popular when food trucks began emerging on construction and factory sites selling meals to ordinary workers at affordable prices. As the trend grew, food trucks shifted from the ordinary burger and fries menu to more elaborate gourmet dishes, diversifying public interest. From Chinese and Indian delicacies to local desserts and homemade treats, food trucks that exist today can offer an array of eclectic, on-the-go options for any palette.

Hosting food trucks as part of a local event is a new and refreshing trend for Port Elizabeth. Local restaurants and cafés all gather at a selected location and serve meals which are affordable and easy to prepare, from their colourful and uniquely branded food trucks. The Baakens Food Truck Friday offered an array of culinary options from sushi, tacos, burgers, waffles and so much more, all freshly prepared in different food trucks. The event further hosts a design market inside the Tramways building, adding to the diverse creative talent which Port Elizabeth offers.

Creating trendy events much like the Baakens Food Truck Friday, not only increases public interest for the Bay’s local restaurant industry, it also brings individuals together for a night of entertainment and good quality food. The next Baakens Food Truck Friday event will take place on 21 April 2017.

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