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Coega Development Corporation (CDC)

One of our highest achievement was is creating a strong brand identity for the biggest project in the country,  the first and largest IDZs in the southern hemisphere with 9,003 hectares of land, and one of the first Special Economic Zones (SEZ) in South Africa, the Coega SEZ.

Our task as the Strategic Advertising, Marketing and communications service provider for CDC, was to oversee all areas of internal and external communications, with a strong emphasis on investor promotion. A collaborative effort with a competent CDC communications team, our work extended to the development and management of all strategies, as well as the below-the-line, above-the-line and through-the-line advertising campaigns based on specific phases of the project. These campaigns were rolled out through local, national and international advertising initiatives. We utilised various tools and platforms including newsletters, investor promotions, annual reports, brochures, invitations and both print and digital interactive media for communicating the CDC’s value proposition.

The ‘Dawn of a New Era’ campaign established the CDC and Coega IDZ as the new investment destination in Southern Africa. This strong emotive theme embodied the symbol of hope, prosperity and growth, which drive the CDC narrative forward. The campaign was instrumental in establishing the Coega IDZ as a promising brand, and an active contributor to the economy, attracting both national and international investors.

The ‘Right Place, Right Time, Right choice’ campaign was to establish the Coega IDZ as a one-stop-shop for investors. This powerful statement has since become the positioning statement that communicates Coega SEZ’s current value proposition.

Currently, we are providing marketing and communication services to the CDC, as well as digital and online development with our JV partners RRZ Innovations. The high-end team is working on developing the CDC’s mobile application for both Android and Apple platforms, which is anticipated to position SEZ well in local economic development. Within this scope of work, we will oversee the development of a 3D interactive map of the SEZ, as well as the analysis of online and social media platforms.

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