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Nelson Mandela University

One of the most internationalised higher education institutions in South Africa, NMU is the biggest University in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. We have created several innovative marketing and communications tools for the NMU’s Office for International Education for over a decade. The roll-out of the NMU’s Office for International Education was an expansive exercise, from conceptualisation, content development, roll-out and management of numerous campaigns, to various strategic publications, reports, brochures and digital publications that were truly reflective of the NMU brand.

For all projects undertaken for the NMMU office for International Education, the scope of work included conceptualisation, comprehensive content development, editing, design & layout and production. We created thoroughly researched, strategic communication and marketing interventions, to assist the Office in marketing the University and its programmes, which lead to the University established itself within the broader higher education landscape. A few of the most significant projects include: advertisements, marketing brochures, prospectuses, student booklets, indoor exhibition material new media, interactive and digital marketing tools, some of which include the following projects:

The undergraduate and postgraduate prospectuses were conceptualised to showcase the NMU’s research output and programs offered at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels and to entice students to choose the University for their studies. These documents focus on areas which would be most relevant to these students’ decision-making process when selecting an institution to further their education. These included; campus life, accommodation, city and country region information and academic support facilities.

A digital version of the prospectus was packaged into a skilfully developed interface which allowed the complex information of the print prospectuses to be viewed easily by browsing through the various chapters.  We created an A5 innovative folder format for both brochures. This multifaceted solution encapsulates both the digital and print versions of these publications into one end product, tailor-made to capture the intended audience. 

Approach to redesign of the research and innovation report was to develop a document that is easy to navigate, while reflective NMMU brand. The document can be used to communicate about research and innovation accomplishments of the institution, and initiatives undertaken by NMMU, including postgraduate recruitment efforts.

The Pre-Arrival and After-Arrival guides were explicitly designed for international students before and after they arrive in South Africa. The approach to the content packaged in these guides was to communicate essential information creatively and to assist the students in navigating their new study environments easily.

The NMU products showcase the versatility of our original creative design work, and our ability for design and layout of various products such as annual reports, brochures and other corporate promotional material. It further showcases the versatility of our repertoire.

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