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We provide a full gamut of strategic brand communication and design solutions —expertise across traditional or new media platforms and formats. From campaigns to individual projects, no matter the requirements —we can design, develop and deliver, swiftly.
Our work with i-Spaza started with developing a high-level marketing and promotional strategy for the various products produced by Red Hub Mills.


To create sustainable economic transformation in our country, all stakeholders need to promote skills transfer and start progressing towards local production of goods that can enter and compete in the current market. This is where organisations such as i-Spaza, a Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) company, are instrumental as a platform providing support to local and rural manufacturers, producers, and processors to take their products to market. The organisation seeks to transform communities through community-produced crops traded through RED Hubs, with income reinvested into the community.

Our work with i-Spaza started with developing a Marketing and Promotional Strategy for the various products produced by Red Hub Mills. Our approach was to benchmark the maize meal and samp products against similar products, using the same demographic as the target audience, which informed the creative process.

We developed a high-level marketing and promotional strategy. This included developing content —a message that caters to all stakeholders and design and layout that captures the Red Hub Mill initiative, locating the mills and positioning the products to the target audience. We further created a trade presenter to be used to introduce the products to trade partners. The end product is an informative A4 folder reflecting the standard of the products and all the organisations instrumental in bringing these products to market.

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