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  • Design and layout
  • Illustration
  • Infographic design
  • Icon development
  • Data visualisation
  • Multi-language design

We worked with the WHO to develop essential communication tools that guide countries globally in the collective and individual fight to eliminate HIV/AIDS by 2030. The team developed critical assets, including the latest edition of the Biobehavioral Survey guidelines and 27 country profiles. This edition of the guidelines is an update to the 2000 edition with newer survey methodology techniques, incorporating biomarker testing, while the country profiles capture several countries’ responses to various HIV/AIDS-related campaigns. The guidelines were further developed and translated into French and Spanish to broaden the reach in winning the fight against HIV/AIDS. These latest instalments serve as a textbook for students interested in working for research institutions that embark on epidemiological surveys.

38.4 million people in the world were living with HIV in 2021. The global HIV epidemic claimed 68% fewer lives in 2021 since its peak in 2004. And fewer people became newly infected with HIV than in any year since 1990. This work was an opportunity for the team to move the needle even further in this fight.

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