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Sometimes show is better than tell

Now no one could ever convince me that words are less than. Words are important, but more important is tone, which infuses dynamism and colour to the words. A language is a powerful tool for directing and manifesting energy into form. We can change our lives in a matter of moments by changing our thoughts and the words we speak. Words are powerful, they are emotive, they create, and they engage. Were it not for words, we would not be able to navigate interactions with one another. Words describe, they resonate, motivate, they can be used to build or destroy, that is the power of words.

But sometimes less is more, and pictures work better than words.  One picture can encapsulate what would need a thousand words to describe. Sometimes you might need to tell a story, and other times it’s just more effective if you show a picture, or a combination, as is in the case with infographics.

Science shows that the human brain is better equipped to process images than words. There’s a reason the old saying “a picture paints a thousand words” has stood the test of time. Images are absorbed in a full sensory “flash,” while words alone are processed sequentially.

According to marketing professional Jeff Bullas, “Written language allows an almost infinite number of word combinations that allow deep analysis of concepts but relies heavily on the reader’s ability to process that information… combining text and graphics allows communicators to take advantage of each medium’s strengths and diminish each medium’s weaknesses.”

Let’s help you capture your target market’s already divided attention by creating quick, impactful communication packages. Because when infographics are done right, they could rule.

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