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Embracing Change to Inspire Creativity

The start of anything can be daunting, and sometimes, fear of the unknown is what drives many ideas down the drain. But we have a theory – Never miss a Monday!

It may be safe to say Monday is the black sheep of the weekday family because it marks the beginning of something. However, our theory is that embracing the start of something new or change is the first step towards creativity.

2020 may feel like one giant Monday, but it is also the opportunity to innovate and be creative even with the simplest things.

Firstly, challenge conformity. Holding a knife on the right while eating may be sensible for right-handed people, but maybe not for you. Traditional norms for business practices only serve as guidelines for organisations, not definitive methodology applied everywhere; hence each organisation should be creative in conducting business.

The second driver for creativity is taking comfort in ambiguity and uncertainty. This has been one of the most fundamental lessons of 2020, forcing many organisations and individuals to step out of their comfort zones. It is important to understand that uncertainty is a breeding ground for multiple solutions for one problem and an opportunity for innovative ways for new practices.

Never missing a Monday is also about bringing your A-game to every meeting because creativity is fostered when one is thorough and attentive to detail. The energy put into work during a period of change may be what defines the future success or failure of an s organisation, just as the energy you bring to the office on a Monday morning influences your whole day.

Lastly, as a business never miss an opportunity to be a pioneer in the face of change because you will tap into consumers first and make a strong impression, which can lead to brand recognition and loyalty. As strategic brand innovators, Design@Bay can assist you with all your strategic and communication needs. Seize the day, and let’s keep you top of mind!




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