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University of Mpumalanga

We are thrilled to be working in close collaboration with one of the youngest universities in South Africa, providing strategic communications and marketing. Since 2015 we have been developing and producing various strategic marketing and communications tools for the University which include annual reports, marketing brochures, event thematic, internal and external communication publications and the management of their digital tools, some of which include the following projects:

The UMP Vision 2022 brochure is a substantive and direction setting document, constituting the framework of the University’s development in the next six years. This strategic document positions UMP as an African University responsive to its immediate environment. From cover design to layout of inside pages, the aim was to communicate the University’s strategic intent while allowing the brand elements to shine through. This was achieved through the use of colour, shapes, image sizes, serving to enhance the aesthetics of this brochure.

The UMP Faculty Brochure was conceptualised to showcase the areas of study offered by the institution and to entice students to choose the University for their Undergraduate Studies. Our approach was to create an informative communication tool, with elements such as colour and images aligned to each area of study. The brochure seeks to positions the UMP as a favourable environment for undergraduate studies.

We have engaged with many annual reports in the past for various clients. We have conceptualised and developed the UMP annual reports and have looked into a clean and aesthetically pleasing layout. The information was well packaged to represent the financial statements as well as to utilise the annual report as a marketing tool for this young University.

We are further responsible for the management of the UMP’s digital platforms, which includes the University’s website, with web updates implemented regularly. We are formulating more streamlined solutions, that support the communications and marketing plan for print, online and digital platforms.

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