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We provide a full gamut of strategic brand communication and design solutions —expertise across traditional or new media platforms and formats. From campaigns to individual projects, no matter the requirements —we can design, develop and deliver, swiftly.
We were tasked with M Secure brand redesign and strategic positioning the organisation's consolidated offering under one visionary brand to unlock integrated service value to customers and establish a strong platform for the organisation's future growth.

M Secure

The private security industry in South Africa is a growing sector and one of the biggest in the world, with more than 9 000 registered companies, an estimated 1.5 million qualified guards, and around 450 000 registered active private security guards. The industry provides monitoring, guarding, armed reaction, escorting, investigating and other security-related services to private individuals and companies across the country. All Private Security Mandates are driven by the Private Security Industry Regulation Act 56 of 2001 and regulated by the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA), appointed in 2002, based on Section 2 of the Act (Act No 56 of 2001).

M Secure is a leading risk management solutions company and provider of integrated security services in South Africa. Our task was to develop and apply the new M Secure brand identity and strategically position the organisation’s consolidated offering under one visionary brand to unlock integrated service value to customers and establish a robust platform for the organisation’s future growth:

Brand development and design included implementing a brand identity redesign — the design of a new M Secure logo and retaining brand equity by keeping the brand elements, such as the iconic M, and the branding guidelines for applying the new identity on various brand assets.

Strategic research activities, market scans, and competitor analysis were implemented as part of the new brand communication strategy to position the refined brand. These were traditional and new media solutions and promotional activities for refined brand awareness and stakeholder engagement.

Internal and external communications interventions included various perception surveys crafting a new and improved value proposition for brand refinement and repositioning, with organisational culture enhancement activities developed and implemented to advance support with internal stakeholders.

Strategic assets and tools such as the M Secure services brochure outlining the repackaged offering, departmental leaflets capturing revised service bouquets, a newsletter to engage and inform the internal public, business cards, email signatures, CRM systems and tailored telephonic greetings are some of the tools developed as the comprehensive solution.

Digital and social media solutions included the M Secure Animation —a visual representation of the repackaged and refined service offering, supported by a strong social media presence promoting the new brand awareness and engaging stakeholders.



Public relations and advocacy comprising media engagement activities —the media launch re-introducing and positioning the new brand, with various promotional content packaged for distribution on several traditional and new media touchpoints.

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