When virtual is the name of the game, reinvention should be the aim

What we once knew as our normal is no more. Gone are the days where we could gather en-mass or hop from city to country to continent. We’re masked, regulated and distant. Until further notice, not only are large events cancelled, but face-to-face contact has become a thing of special circumstance.

The change came swift, bringing with it many unexpected disruptions to our personal and working environments—with the majority of activities and communication shifting to different levels of the virtual realm. We’re now living in a time COVID-19,  where even our vocabulary has been injected with new terms—new descriptors that further drive home the reality that life is not as we knew it.  We’re social distancing and self-isolating, which is the opposite of what we need and have now found ourselves craving. Not only is human interaction important for our mental health, but compelling evidence in a 2010 report in The Journal of Health and Social Behaviour by sociology researchers from the University of Texas, suggests human contact is also vital for our physical health too.

Technology has become the definitive connector. We now find ourselves more and more reliant on digital tools for our simple interactions. Virtual has become the name of the game, and businesses have no choice but to aim for effective communication by reinventing their approach to their communications in delivering services and connecting with their customers. And those who are responsive to finding inventive ways to maintain communication and regular engagement with their publics, will weather this storm and come out victorious in the aftermath.

As strategic branding and communications specialists, we’re always looking at current trends and innovative solutions that assist our clients with their most important branding and communication needs and challenges. Whether on Skype or Zoom, video or voice-call, whichever you prefer, as long as we’re talking and finding solutions for your business. Let’s help you maximise what you have—communicate, and stay connected.

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