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Fired by its award-winning founder’s passion and internationally inspired vision of a world improved on every level through thoughtful, considered design, Design@Bay was formally established as an integrated brand communications studio in 2000.

Owner and CEO Dipti Varghese obtained her Master of Design degree from the distinguished Industrial Design Centre of the Indian Institute of Technology in Mumbai, and her design thinking was further expanded when she was awarded a scholarship to work with one of the most eminent and radically innovative design gurus of our time, Sugiura Kohei. In South Africa, she has been honoured as a Regional Business Achievers Award finalist, is an active member of top business forums and, in line with her commitment to knowledge sharing, serves as a mentor to emerging entrepreneurs and young businesswomen.

It is this embrace of different philosophies and multicultural experiences that infuse Design@Bay’s creative communications projects with a holistic interpretation and broad-reaching vision of the role that effective design communications have to play in the upliftment and economic development of society.

Design@Bay is never going to make a loud but empty noise. The studio’s approach is creative, but meticulous and efficient. Our tight-knit team delivers optimum expertise and capacity, ensuring full-house attention for all clients, and empowering both creatives and suits with the opportunity to flex their skills in a multifaceted cross-section of projects and sectors.

We’re listening…

Tell us your story & we’ll tell the world.

Thinking on our feet…

Always creating and crafting to provide innovative, strategically progressive and beautifully designed marketing and sales communications tools that will ultimately assist our clients to grow their business and achieve excellent return on investment…

These are the disciplines that continue to delight Design@Bay’s wonderful clients as the team partners with them in its footprint throughout South Africa, up into the African continent and across international waters.

Changing with the times…

It requires strategic and carefully targeted communications tools to make your brand’s voice heard above all the rest. Design@Bay goes beyond advertising to craft integrated, innovative marketing and communications tools that maximise your budget and help you to turn your reputation into sales.

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